22.04.2002 11:45MikeWow! How kool things could be... I couldn't believe I see someone as *pretty* as U girl.
22.04.2002 12:54InaJa kool Foto... Wo kommt er her? Sie sehen *süß* aus -)
22.04.2002 13:24Sisqo5This is more than slamming! I must admit this couple is off da hook! Check out the hommy from the mid west side and the shorty is of extra ordinary class. Uh huh. This must be real. I bet they'll keep it coming. Peace yall. Sisqo5.
23.04.2002 01:26RomanHey Puschel! Schönes Bild von Dir, ein atemberaubender Kontrast. Ich glaube, ich lasse mich demnächst auch mal ablichten...

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